BREAKING NEWS: Linkin Park singer commits suicide aged 41

By alexbreton 20 Jul 2017 , 2:41pm 11851

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington and father-of-six Chester Bennington commits suicide aged 41 on the birthday of his late friend Chris Cornell TMZ reports the singer hanged himself at a private residence in Palos Verdes Estates in Los Angeles County on Thursday morning. Law enforceme...


By alexbreton 11 Jul 2017 , 4:06am 12031

Ducati has unveiled the final curtain call to the Panigale range with the 1299 R Final Edition. With the new V4 superbike on the way, this final Panigale is going out with a bang. Specs are seriously impressive, thanks to parts taken from the super-special Superleggera. 209 hp at 11,000 rpm an...

Yamaha R1 Offroad!!

By alexbreton 10 Jul 2017 , 7:14pm 4736

When Yamaha's engineers in Japan were developing the first R1 superbike back in 1998, they had visions of world superbike glory in their sights. They probably didn't envisage a crazy man attaching flat bars and knobbly tyres to one and tearing it apart off road. As it happens the R1 seems...


By alexbreton 4 Jul 2017 , 3:14am 138


Top Gun 2 : CONFIRMED !

By alexbreton 4 Jul 2017 , 1:27am 4670

In the summer of 2019, Tom Cruise will once again feel the need for speed. On last Friday, Paramount announced that the long-gestating Top Gun sequel will fly into theaters on July 12, 2019. Released in 1986, the Tony Scott-directed film raced to over $350 million at the worldwide bo...

BREAKING NEWS: Ducati may be Sold!

By alexbreton 29 Jun 2017 , 4:52pm 287400

Reports are saying that the deal may be done, Ducati Motors could be officially owned by Harley Davidson. It will remain as a separate entity operating on their own. There has been talks that they will continue projects that were implemented with Buell and hope to have better results with a rep...

Italian GP - Rossi is still in pain

By alexbreton 2 Jun 2017 , 9:39pm 5022

02/06/2017 UPDATE  Valentino Rossi is recovering from a motocross injury, he had to prove his fitness to circuit medics before he spent 33 laps getting his bike and tyres used to the high temperatures. But today at the Italian GP free pratice, we can see hes pain.   The Doctor, a nin...

Suzuki Hayabusa Engine in Jet Ski is really fast!

By alexbreton 2 Jun 2017 , 4:26pm 2685

This cool guy, a owner of a Jetski, put a Hayabusa 1300 R engine in it and beats the hell out of it. That thing literally flies on water! I would love to have a ride on that jetski!  This jet ski Yamaha FX SHO series, is equiped with a GSX 1300 R Hatabusa engine, one of the most powerfull...

Nicky Hayden - The Final Ride

By alexbreton 30 May 2017 , 11:10pm 22961

Nick hayden's funeral procession led by 2000 Motorcycles in Owensboro, Kentucky on memorial day May 29, 2017.

Valentino Rossi just been admitted to Rimini Emergency

By alexbreton 25 May 2017 , 5:44pm 31083

Valentino Rossi has just been admitted to the Emergency of Rimini Hospital, after a crash during a motocross training at Cavalena. The injuries are not serious but the staff at the Rimini Hospital are keeping a close eye on 'The Doctor'. It is unknown if Rossi will be fit to compete...

Authorities looking for a Kawasaki H2 after bike's rearview cam show a high speed chase with a state troopers

By alexbreton 24 May 2017 , 2:21am 56430

On your streets today, it’s tough to find many vehicles on four wheels that can keep up with the likes of some of these high-performance motorcycles that manufacturers are cranking out. Most of the time, even cars that are modified for racing can prove to have difficulty keeping up with som...

BMW : 'MotoGP has no interest for us'

By alexbreton 24 May 2017 , 1:07am 13446

The patron of BMW Motorrad is clear and has said that the company has totally no interest about competiting in MotoGP. BMW place much more importance in the BMW S1000RR winning press group tests. BMW has actually no plans to take part of MotoGP series, even if the rumours surrounding sinc...

Nicky Hayden has died

By alexbreton 22 May 2017 , 12:45pm 311615

2006 MotoGP champion Nicky Hayden has tragically died from injuries sustained in a road traffic accident last Wednesday. The 35-year-old American, who switched to the World Superbike Championship in 2015 but made two final MotoGP appearances last season, was hit by a car while training on his bic...


By alexbreton 22 May 2017 , 1:36am 15390

You can tell when driving a car, 300 HP are not that much. it probably has a sporty feel in a small vehicule, but in the scheme of things it isn’t anything to write home about. Can you imagine now, that kind of power pelted through a twin turbo setup on a motorcycle! This...

Nicky Hayden’s Life Going Away..

By alexbreton 19 May 2017 , 12:03pm 57621

Severe head injuries prevent any surgical intervention. The mother and the older brother are in the Hospital of Cesena next to the Rider. The news coming from Italy is very alarming. His condition is extremely serious. Nicky Hayden’s diagnosis is, according to some sources, is brain-...

Americas Top Öhlins dealer pleads guilty to Tax Fraud

By alexbreton 10 May 2017 , 5:07pm 4845

  Daniel Laine Kyle of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California – known best for his speed shop, Kyle Racing – pleaded guilty to defrauding the US government earlier this week, after it was found that Kyle had been hiding cash-based purchases made at this business. Dan Kyle Rac...

MotoGP will race all-electric motorcycles in 2019

By alexbreton 10 May 2017 , 2:06pm 3213

The world’s most popular motorcycle racing series is adding an all-electric class. Photo by Mirco Lazzari gp/Getty Images The CEO of the company that oversees the MotoGP racing series, Carmelo Ezpeleta, told that an electric support series featuring up to 18 bikes could st...


By alexbreton 22 Apr 2017 , 4:36am 99472

You’re not a biker unless you’ve either pointed and laughed at someone’s chicken strips, or had someone point at yours. Metzeler have introduced their Sportec M5 with this brilliant addition to the tread pattern. Now you can get your notepad out and compare markers with your fri...