BMW S750RR a Smaller & more Affordable S1000RR?

BMW S750RR a Smaller & more Affordable S1000RR?

By alexbreton 12 Apr 2017 , 2:21am 240667

Let's talk,

If BMW made a smaller version of the all-conquering S1000RR imagine how the world could be a better place ...

We all know the S1000RR was going to be good, but we never imagined it would be competitive to the rest of the class the way it has.

The handling, great brakes, ABS, traction control, electronic trickery and a class-leading 190+ HP motor all wrapped up in neat;

and bodywork mean we can even forgive the asymmetrical headlight arrangement

( I always thought it makes the bike looks different )

If BMW want the real deal and looking to kick the japs fully to the curb,
It'll totally need a smaller capacity sportbike.

- S650RR or maybe a S750RR ?

Believe me, a scaled down version would be just the trick for world dominance.


Since the sock engine is a 999cc inline four, making 190 crank HP.
We can speculate about the 750RR could be a 675 triple like, as the great Triumph Daytona - or maybe an in-line four.

To put that in perspective that could be the same power as an r1 2004 with 150 WHP,
The weight of a recent Yamaha R6, an the musical sound of a Daytona 675! 

Fairing will Come from the beautiful s1000rr of course, redesigned as well.. 

The belly part would shrouds the underslung exhaust while intakes flow air over the pipes.

About the front look... both headlights could be the same size and shape!


Credit Kar Lee