BMW : 'MotoGP has no interest for us'

BMW : 'MotoGP has no interest for us'

By alexbreton 24 May 2017 , 1:07am 13446

The patron of BMW Motorrad is clear and has said that the company has totally no interest about competiting in MotoGP.

BMW place much more importance in the BMW S1000RR winning press group tests.

BMW has actually no plans to take part of MotoGP series, even if the rumours surrounding since years about BMW enterring MotoGP, since the firm opted to quit WSBK back in 2013.

They spend millions into developping the ultimate driving machine; the brand new S1000RR, but actually ultimately denied much in term of signifiant Racing succes.

BMW is actually way satisfied with the outcome of competing in WSB; it changed the profil of BMW and let know to the world that they are capable of making a fast and highly competitive liter superbike.

BMW make decision to get out the WSB series, and spend that money in the developpement of the Road master - For now they have no reason to change that. Even if they make enough to take part in the championship, they wont spend that amount on two riders.